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About Swiss Smyze AG

We are developing a new kind of robot-based coffee and beverage bar that is based on our development team's rich experience in robotic drinks solutions for coffees, mocktails and softdrinks.

Our robot bar combines innovation, high quality standards, digital ordering options and social media function in one product.

Our robot bar is not for sale; we are offering our product as a service to location partners: Our partner provides an attractive location, and we place the complete bar, service it and run it under the Smyze brand. Please contact us if you have an attractive location, indoors or covered outdoor, we would be happy to explore a cooperation!

The Smyze experience has began

Large variety of drinks

Highest quality coffee  

hight quality coffee .png

Unique latte specialities

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Normal and vegan options

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Ice option

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12 soft drinks

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Cold brew coffee

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5 coffee sirups  

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60 drinks available, hundreds more possible

How to order the drinks?

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Apple iPhone 12 White.png
Apple iPhone 12 White.png

Login to the App

Select the drinks

Pay and enjoy!

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Swiss Smyze AG
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