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Building the leading robotic bar franchise globally



We have re-imagined the future of drinks. Say hello to our Smyze Robotic Bar, which is already commercially successfully in multiple locations in Switzerland and further expanding globally. 

And this is just the beginning. Through continuous improvement we strive to deliver engaging customer experiences, personalized drink choices and efficent operations.

Join us on this journey!

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Swiss Engineering

We build and operate the world's leading robotic bar to help you enjoy a world of modern drinks

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Collaborative robotics deployment

Lead digitalization and automation in the industry, excite and convince repeat customers

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Franchise business model

Enable attractive model for our location and franchise partners, ensure sustainability of our product offering

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Compact, only 2 x 2 Meters footprint

Always online, 24/7 operations possible

High reliability through Swiss Engineering and quality components

Hundreds of quality drink choices, fully configurable

Tablet & App Ordering

Only 2 days to put into operation

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Design your favourite drink

Start with the Smyze app

If you are in Switzerland, you can order your drink right away



100 drinks available, hundreds more possible

Our company strives for the best drink experience possible, with constantly newly curated Mocktails and Coffee Specialities. The Smyze robotic bar produces fresh drinks that customers love, but that are also good for the environment. Ingredients must fulfill a certain standard in our selection. Utilizing high quality equipment ensures that the final product is in line with our standards, and standardized cleaning procedures ensure a highly hygienic end product. Simply the future of drinks!

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Speciality blend from Brazilian and Indian Beans

Asset 22_4x.png

Recyclable cups

Asset 20_4x.png

Barista quality coffee machine

Asset 23_4x.png

Reduced Co2 emissions

Asset 26_4x.png

Freshly Prepared

Asset 25_4x.png

Water cleaning technology

cold brew_without background_edited_edit
cold brew_without background_edited.png

Snickers Coldbrew

Snickers coldbrew_without background_edi
Snickers coldbrew_without background_edited.png

Iced Latte

Coconut dream_without background copy_ed
Coconut dream_without background copy_edited_edited.png

Coconut Dream


Der Winter ist da!!! Schneller als gedacht.

Deshalb haben wir uns gedacht wir widmen unsere diesjährige Winterkampagne der...

Feierlaune im Grüssen-Center!

Wir freuen uns mit unserem neuen und grossartigen Standortpartner Grüssen-Center Grüssen Center: Ihr Shoppingcenter in Pratteln...

Our Robo is in the Alpes!

Thanks to our fantastic location partner - Les Roches  we could open successfully one of our robobars in Crans-Montana...

OttOmate News

Eyes on the Smyze. Swiss Multi-Drink Robot Launching New Kiosk, Has Served "Tens of Thousands" of Drinks...

Pineapple sunrise_without background_edi
Pineapple sunrise_without background_edited.png

Pineapple Sunrise

New Bar pic.jpg


15.Nov_bar pic_02.jpg

New Location:



Grüssenweg 10,

4133 Pratteln


Swiss Smyze AG

Production and Development Address:
Leutschenbachstrasse 45 8050 Zürich

Swiss Smyze AG Address:
Baarerstrasse 10 6300 Zug

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