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Fastest growing robotic drink bar

We are developing, manufacturing and operating a ground-breaking robotic drink bar. This new product is already commercially operating successfully in multiple locations, started in major cities in Switzerland and expanding globally. The bar is an attraction for high-frequency locations, and runs fully autonomously around the clock. Human intervention is only needed for cleaning and restocking once a day for 30 Minutes. Through the use of high-quality compenents, sensors and online monitoring, the bar runs very reliably, typical for Swiss Engineering. With this product, we solve the important issue of many locations: 1) Differentiation from other drink offerings through attractive collaborative robotics deployment and high-quality drink products 2) Very low running and maintenance cost compared to a traditional coffee 3) Meeting the needs of today's customer's through digital ordering and payment and multiple options for the individualization of drinks

A good and high quality drink can spark many feelings and memories. New and developing technology and innovation sparks the interest in people and brings excitment. Our goal is to combine both, and thus create an unforgetable experience for our customers. Combining the highest quality of coffee, milk, refreshing mocktails and many more drinks, we aim to achieve this through our wide network of bars accros the world. Why do we do it? Accessability and fast service is the key base combination in order to deliver a great customer experience. With our Robotic bar, the intent is to ocupy a small diameter and offer customers the opportunity to experience our drinks, order and enjoy in places where it was previously not possible. In addition, 24/7 avilability offers another aspect of flexibility for the customers. No more waiting in lines or checking work hours, our bar is always open (Need to check this for the website, since we do not operate 24/7 yet, may need to be added in the future).











  1. Novelty – Industry 4.0​

  2. Entertaining – Fun to the youth​

  3. Always Open​

  4. Qualitative and sustainable Coffee​

  5. Fast drink preparation​

  6. No personnel costs​

  7. Fresh drink preparation​

  8. Remote operation control​

  9. Bars are Movable​

  10. Competitive Pricing​

  11. Made in Switzerland​

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One autonomous bar for all your drinks

Just imagine: within 2 days we deliver, configure and deploy a complete drink bar with the capability to sell hundreds of high-quality drink types to your location. And all it needs is short cleaning and refurbishing every day, but runs fully auntonomously 24/7. And the customers will love it, they will take videos, selfies and order drink after drink. This is not vision, but reality with our Smyze Robotic Drinks bar. The bar measures just 2m x 2m, and is chokeful with technology, all with the purpose of delivering in an exciting and reliable manner the best coffees, softdrinks and mocktails possible. In addition, the bar is continuously online and delivers information about every order, every payment and every possible error in real time to the operator. And last but not least, thanks to our Swiss Engineering, it delivers high realiabilty even when serving hundreds of drinks every day.

2) Excite and convince repeat customers
3) Enable attractive model for our location and franchise partners 4) Ensure sustainability of our product offering

Our company strives for high quality and service. Our selection of specialty coffee blend from Latin America ensures just that. The coffee beans selection is made in close collaboration with Blum Kaffee as our official supplier.


Quality must be present in all segments of each process in order to provide the excellent product we have. In order to ensure the best taste, the water is cleaned through a carbon filter which does not leave any residue and off-putting taste.


We strive on quality products that are freshly prepared and tasty for you, but also for the environment. In our preparation processes we do not waste any Co2, we completely avoid transporting PET bottles and we take care of the water supply around the globe by not using more than necessary.


Ingredients must fulfil a certain standard in our chain of products, and this is specifically why we choose to use fresh Swiss whole milk, but we also offer the option to consume your drink using Vegan Soy Milk. Your drink, your choice, enjoy!


While producing our mocktails and other special drinks, we include tasty syrups in order to achieve the uniqueness we aim for. Our collaboration with established brands like Monin and Grappos ensures our high-quality standards and allows us to experiment with a wide palette of drinks on offer.


It is not just about ingredients. Utilizing high quality equipment ensures that the whole process comes together, and that the final product is in line with our standards. Our use of professional grade equipment like the award-winning Eversys Coffee Machine, Dirmeier dispensing system and the Japanese Ice Machine allows all the ingredients to come together and to deliver your preferred drink.

Create your Robotic Drink

Enjoy one of our delicious drinks prepared by the Smyze Robotic Drinks Bar. Every order is a unique experience, and delivers a high-quality coffee, softdrink or Mocktail to your taste. We have preconfigured over 60 drinks that you can further tailor to your taste. Chose normal or vegan mild, add ice, change the sweetness or add a delicious Monin sirup. Watch how our robot precisely prepares the beverage and serves it to you through the unique delivery system. Nobody is touching your drink, but you will thoroughly enjoy the elegant robot movements and the quality of our drink! Cheers to the future!